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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, my hubby made me pancakes.

In the spirit of WoW, he made them into shapes:

WoW-Flavored Breakfast

Ah, to be young and a nerd and in love (with a pally willing to make delicious food for you).  Is there anything finer?

Disclaimer: WoW-Flavored Breakfast contains only milk, eggs, flour and other pantry goods.  No bones or other bits from “worthwhile enemies” included.


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We’re trying hardmodes and achievements in Ulduar now with some regularity.  Some are pretty easy.  Some are actually freakin’ hard.  After an unfortunate Crazy Cat Lady attempt, one of our DPS’s computers shut down on her, so while we waited for her to reboot, we held a pilgrim-costume dance party.  My pally took one look at my screen and remarked:

“So this is how Goodwife Taz earned her Scarlet A.”

So true, my Goodpaladin.

Goodwife Taz gets down and dirty.

Throw in a pink elephant and you have every pilgrim's feverish dream-sequence...

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Today, as you are probably all aware, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Although nobody I met out and about followed the strict pirate-themed conversational guidelines, in WoW, everything has gone pirate!  And I learned a lot of things about pirates that I’d never known…the world of pirates is way different than I always thought.

First of all, becoming a pirate is really, really easy.  Just talk to someone dressed like a pirate and VOILA!  Tazha = Full-Fledged Pirate!

Next step?  Ingratiate myself to the higher ups.  I looked all over Booty Bay (now known as Pirate Central) and eventually found an enormous grouping of pirates on the roof of the Auction House.  Assuming that the pirates had pillaged the AH and were celebrating by drinking from the dead AH goblins’ heads while possibly firing guns into the air, I leapt to the roof to join in, wondering how I was possibly going to drink from a probably-still-warm skull.  Instead, I found a bunch of scantily clad pirates dancing with each other, drinking from common mugs, picnicking, lugging around cute and adorable pets, and shooting fireworks like a bunch of Lunar Festival nuts.

Taz the Pirate

Taz the Pirate

With a sigh, I headed over to the Dread Captain Demeza to share some booze and get my achievement.  Maybe, just maybe, I had arrived before all the pillaging and destruction.  No such luck.  With all the menace of the Hamburgler, the Dread Pirate chortled about how Booty Bay was hers for the day (dammit, was she renting a car or terrorizing a seaside community?!), and we shared a mug of what I can only assume was Budweiser.  Possibly Bud Lite.

The media had led me to believe that pirates were terrifying creatures of lust and greed, men who had fallen into such hardship that their only recourse was a seafaring life of crime, like the Somali pirates or the crew of the Black Pearl.  The truth, however, is that pirates are far more like these guys:

Ah, well.  That’s why you can never trust the media.

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