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Now That Was Fun!

Five people + lots of dead-for-real undead + one lovers' quarrel = HELLUVA FUN TIME

I once read that blogging is a form of conversation between the blogger and their readers.  If that’s the case, I’ve been lagging on my end in a major way.  For months, all you’ve gotten from me is a distracted, “Uh huh, uh huh.  Yeah, I gotta go.”  And “What patch again?”  Real life intruded it’s ugly tentacled head as I’d known from the beginning it was going to with moving and house-selling and new-job-for-pally and oh-crap-no-new-job-for-me-yet and vacations and general exhaustion.  In the midst of all this when I’ve logged on to Warcraft at all it’s been to raid or to poke around with secret alts so that I can’t possibly be roped into conversation/instances/dailies with people I know.  As a result I’ve actually attempted to PvP which has been interesting and even entertaining occasionally (newsflash Alliance: Horde doesn’t actually have it all together like we always thought – and they complain about the Alliance being favored, too!)  I’ve read all the usual blogs and a few new ones (Hello, Miss Medicina!  Wonderful work you’re doing!), but I’ve been the silent stalker, rarely putting a toe forward to actually comment.  In the world of patch 3.3 discussions and Icecrown speculations, I’ve felt like the kid who started watching Lost in Season 3 – completely adrift and confused.  And I’ll admit that I wasn’t helping myself out by doing my usual research into what was actually going on.  (Yes, I do research, even if that research doesn’t make it onto the page.  Doubters.)

So there we have it.  That was me, logging on last night post-patch to join up with my Fantastic Foursome and a guildmate to have a go at the newly added 5-man content. (more…)


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