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No PuG Left Behind

My assessment of Blizzard's new dungeon nerf. So much red!

I admit I rolled my eyes a bit when the Oculus pot was sweetened to bring in more happy business, especially since I’ve never had a PuG group really happy to be in Oculus, extra goodie bag or no.  But I pushed down my vaguely troubled thoughts regarding the matter (was a loot incentive really going to solve the issues of people being uncomfortable with vehicle combat and the “silent speedy run” groups being unwilling to explain things properly?) and moved on.

When I read this latest development, however, I couldn’t stay silent. Per Zarhym:

With that said, we plan on making some changes to The Old Kingdom in the next minor patch. For instance, Elder Nadox will only get one Ahn’Kahar Guardian and Jadoga Shadowseeker will only use her Ascend ability once during their respective encounters. In addition, a couple of the stagnant groups of bad dudes between the Befouled Terrace and The Desecrated Altar will be removed, while some of the roaming groups will have their pathing altered. These changes are not to make this instance easier, but rather to make it a slightly quicker run and more in line with some of the other Wrath dungeons.

I think you mean Anomalus. Yes, he will use his Create Rift ability less often.

What?! (more…)


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Gentle As A Chainsaw

With friends like these, who needs PuGs? (image courtesy of Optimistically Pessimistic)

Since the new LFG tool premiered a little over a week ago, everyone’s had a take on the new etiquette of cross-server grouping.  There have been the heart-breaking stories of groups that tossed about casual cruelty towards others, the pleas for tolerance of players who might not share your super-leet DPS,  and the groups that had no idea what they were doing and, moreover, didn’t care to learn.

I’ve had some “interesting” PuG experiences of my own, including one where a DK was pulling max. 400 dps.  We didn’t kick her, nor was there any discussion of her terrible output.  We did fine through the entire instance (the Oculus).  There were no wipes and the only time she died was on the final boss when she presumably didn’t know where to go during the phase shift.  And the most I wondered to myself about the whole thing was how any level 80 in half blues/half purples could only be doing 400 dps.

But this post isn’t really about any of the PuGs I’ve been a part of, the good or the bad.  It’s about the decidedly non-PuG grouping I joined in order to test out my new favorite thing: Bear Tazha.

Way back when I had dual-specced Tazha to be a feral tank, but found that she was useless in that role.  Our raids had all the tanks they needed and more off-tanks than you could shake a stick at.  Among my friends, we already had too many people vying for the tanking role and too few vying for the healing one.  So, once Blizzard redesigned kitty form, I respecced into feral dps.  I found it terribly boring and annoying, so much so that I never used it if I could help it.  The truth is, the only dps-er class I’ve ever really enjoyed to date is my fire mage (and solo-ing my secret horde alt hunter).  I fully admit that it’s not the kitty’s fault that I didn’t like it – I didn’t really give it enough of an effort.  Besides, dps-ers were a dime a dozen, too, so it was only useful for dailies, which I tend to avoid like the plague.  With the new LFG tool, however, tanks are king and being able to be either tank or heal for a dungeon is a distinct advantage when trying to get into randoms.  Plus…Rocket-Bear!

So it was back to bear-tank-Taz I went.  Triumph badges were spent like wild outfitting her, and I jumped at the chance to tank for a group of my loving (and forgiving, I hoped) guildies.  No random PuG-er to tell me I sucked or vote to kick me.  Just people I played with all the time taking care of me.  HA!

“Remember, guys, this is only my second time tanking in the last six months, so be gentle,” I said at the outset.

“Gentle as a chainsaw,” our mage replied happily.

I should have known then that there was going to be trouble. (more…)

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