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Pay no attention to the tree...

I took a non-healing alt into Naxx last night, and I discovered something I had never noticed before.  If you really step back to think about it, the wandering Entwives that are druid treeforms are hilarious in battle.

As we leapt into Gluth’s room and began to pour damage into the giant patchwork dog, our group’s druid healer was nowhere near me.  I began my usual happy dps rotation of fire, fire and more fire.  And then, out of nowhere, a tree scooted past me, filling my screen for a second with bark and swirling green tree-hands.  Then she was gone, off to do her tree thing, so quickly it was almost as if it hadn’t happened.  And it occurred to me in an odd out-of-game experience that a tree had just walked past me.  Looking ridiculously out of place in the dungeon filled with the giant dog, I might add.



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The Well-Bred PuG

The Well-Bred PuGWarning: This is the story of my first Naxx PuG.  It is a big post – sorry for the length – but I found the experience very personally instructive in PuG etiquette and raiding overall.  Hope it keeps your interest and/or helps you, too.

Summer vacation is upon us and that means raid members jetting off left and right to go enjoy the sun and surf in warm bits of the world.  This left my pally and I completely raidless on Sunday which we were enjoying by doing Argent Tournament dailies and Midsummer Fire Festival achievements.

Enter a fellow raid member (herein refered to as “FRM”) from our Sunday evening 10-man group, who invited us to a half-PuG 25-man Naxx that evening.  After a quick discussion my pally and I agreed to go.  (more…)

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Let’s Do This!

Let's Do This!

After our 10-man Ulduar group tonight, the hubby and I were invited to go kill KT in a left-over unused 25-man Naxx.  Unfortunately, only 3 of us showed up…1 tank, 1 dps, 1 tree – Let’s Do This!

Update: 30 minutes later, we had a full raid group and the hallway was swarming with players.  And while I didn’t get my coveted Tier 7.5 headpiece, I did have a great time!

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