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Patchy Day

Hrm.  Can I move my toon now?  Please?

Hrm. Can I move my toon now? Please?

Warning: Cynical Patch Post Below…

Patch 3.2 drops today!  Hooray!  Like many other bloggers out there, I have big plans for what I want to do when I get on, including:

  • Testing new druid forms
  • Buying speedy mounts for my alts who have held off on purchasing until it was cheaper (as well as Cold-Weather Flying for my level 70 priest)
  • Trying out the new 5-man instance
  • Collecting fancy new emblems
  • Etc, etc.

What the cynic in me suspects that I will actually be doing (based on previous major patch download experiences):



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"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...Patch 3.2...

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...Patch 3.2...

Patch 3.2 has a whole bunch of the WoW community vacillating between excitement and fury.  I know the new emblem system alone managed to keep my pally and I in a heated argument on the 30 minute drive from work to the movie theater last night.  He was enraged by the fact that Emblems of Conquest will now drop in heroic dungeons, and, while not wholeheartedly pro-emblem-change, I was definitely not-so-much upset by it.  The well-spoken arguments for and against are presented all over the place, most notably by Euripedes at Critical QQ, who first lambasted raging “elitist” raiders and then explained himself a little bit better, laying out the more cogent issues behind the pros and cons to the new emblem changes.  My final compromise-y thoughts on emblem changes are that while  (a) old content gets phased out all the time and (b) more people gearing up and seeing newer content is generally good, it does feel like maybe Blizzard is speeding up the process a little too much.  After all, didn’t we just set foot into Ulduar, and already we can get a lot of the same Tier gear by farming heroics?  Hrm.  Still, I think I’ll join Keeva on her nice fence.  I’ll even bring tree snacks…

But how do the druid-specific changes affect PvE trees?  Even not including all the travel changes, there are still a multitude of new things, many of them involving math.


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Tazha Still Processing...

With Patch 3.2 set to go live in the PTR (Player Test Realm) soon and then come to a WoW near you a month or so after that, Patch craziness has set in over at wow.com, where every other post seems to be about the myriad upcoming changes.

Some promised changes (per PTR patch notes):


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Back when I was leveling Tazha, Travel Form (obtained at level 30) was the envy of all my peers.  I would race ahead of my friends, leaving them to plod slowly along in my cheetah dust wishing level 40 would arrive so they could buy a mount…

And then in a patch not too long ago, they lowered the mount-driving age to level 30 instead of 40, and travel form became obsolete as a tool of envy-getting.

But at least level 30 was still a respectable (read: huge pain in the butt to wait for so long) level for getting your license to ride a horse/elephant/cat/mechanical bird/ram/whatever-crazy-things-Hordeys-ride ;).  Now, however, Blizzard has revealed that when patch 3.2 is released, mounts and travel forms are going to get new life for the younger (lower level) set.  Hooray!


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