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It’s been two months since I posted anything here, and they have been a long two months for me indeed.  To those few of you who comprised my little bloggy world and checked in with me regularly and (gasp!) even left a comment sometimes, I apologize sincerely for the utter lack of communication.  When I started blogging, I knew that it was joining in a conversation – one in which it was important for both sides to talk – and I’ve fallen down on my half of the job.  If it’s any comfort, I’ve been pretty quiet at home as well and near silent on WoW.

You see, shortly after my last post, my paladin and I discovered that my constant nausea was not, in fact, Electro Gonorrhea (The Noisy Killer), as we feared, but rather the beginning of my now-11-weeks-and-counting pregnancy.  Since then, I have become employed, been nauseous on a daily basis, had weird cravings for foods I don’t normally enjoy, cried a lot at commercials, and held my pally’s hand so tightly he probably worried about bone breakage as we saw our little creation swimming around via a TV-sized ultrasound screen, its heartbeat so much faster than ours, its little world so complete for the moment, and ours completed in that moment as well.

What I haven’t done is play WoW other than my twice-weekly 10-man raids, for which I have logged on approximately 10 minutes beforehand and logged off immediately after.  There have been a lot of factors leading to my decline in playing – my morning sickness is worst in the evenings so I enjoy huddling on a couch instead of trying to suffer through talking to people and doing randoms, the constant need to do stuff (like heal) has tended to increase my icky feeling, and I’ve felt a general lack of caring for my characters, with the possible (and only slight) exception of Tazha.

The truth is that I only log on for the 10-man raids because I love the people I raid with, and I’m willing to suffer through a little nausea to hang out with them.  Plus we still haven’t killed the Lich King (although we’re knocking on his door.)  But the rest of WoW is lost to me for the moment in a wild combination of burnout, exhaustion, lack of new content, and pregnancy-related apathy towards video games…

This being the case (not to mention the impending addition to our little family), I am ending Wild Growth permanently.  I hope that as I finish out the first trimester, my interest in WoW will return somewhat, but with a full and active career and a full and active little tree growing inside of me, I know I won’t have time to devote to this blog.

I am keeping you all in my Google Reader, and I hope you won’t mind me popping in now and then on your blogs with a comment or two.  I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who read my blog, who participated in our dialogue, and who wrote your own blogs, since you have made my days brighter and more thoughtful.  The WoW community is blessed with a chorus of intelligent, inspired, funny, and caring voices, and I hope I added to that for the brief time I wrote this blog.  Just as I cherish most the connections with my friends-from-all-over in-game, I have cherished the connections I have made here as well.

So I’m off to my next great adventure.  Take care of yourselves, and thanks for reading.

Tazha and her newest little companion back in Teldrassil where her WoW adventure began.


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