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I'm pretty sure this is what professionals call a "gear".

I'm pretty sure this is what professionals call a "gear".

I have a had a secret desire to make Tazha an engineer for a very long time.  When I was leveling her as part of The Fantastic Four, her job was to make money to buy mounts for everyone, so she was a miner who would also skin any animals who ventured too close.  And all was good until we hit 70 and everybody was on their own for elite flying mounts, not to mention flying in Northrend.

It was then that I first got the itch to do something else with Tazha.  For a long time I labored under the unhappy delusion that whatever profession I chose should be terribly useful.  And by the time I’d convinced myself that engineering did, indeed, have some terribly useful bits (repair bots! fancy helmets!), we were raiding in Ulduar where repair bots are nullified by the everpresent repair ogre+goblin at the front of the instance and fancy helmets are nullified by my fancier helmet.



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