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Last Monday was just one of those nights for my beloved 10-man raid.  (Secretly, I blame Super Bowl-related exhaustion, as we had cancelled our Sunday raid for football fans.)

You know a raid is off to a bad start when we wipe on trash mobs after managing to aggro not one, not two, but all four Deathbound Wards while clearing the last room before Marrowgar.  (The best I can guess is that after the first two were accidentally released by our hunter’s pet, the helpful NPC Alliance running through the first hall tripped the other two traps.)  We ran back in, pulled ourselves together, and wiped again.  On the trash. (more…)


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You’ve leveled your DPS class to 80.  You’ve geared up with emblems, and you even have 4 other DPS friends and 2 healers hanging around who are ready to go, too.  Although you haven’t done any research into the ICC fights, you’re positive that there’s someone out there just dying to lead your raid.  And hopefully they (a) are a tank or healer and (b) have two well-geared tank/healer buddies they want to bring along as well.  Best way to find this – TRADE CHAT!

Please lead my raid...

Was it just me who thought this ICC run might be in a little bit of trouble?

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Push It!

Abandon hope all ye who push here...

This is a little recommendation for the WoW players out there who, like myself, have just done the following: spent three weeks on vacation, followed by playing only twice in order to raid, followed by playing nothing for a week due to no internet due to moving to a different state. Also, add in the moving company bringing all of your furniture the same day the cable company arrived (second time for the cable company since they messed up the order!), and a nice and overzealous moving van driver running over a “Do Not Enter” sign as he attempted to exit the complex by driving the wrong way down a one-way avenue.  Throw on some extra added “moved-whole-life” exhaustion, and then you have me last night.

So if you were/are/will be like me, you do not want to do the following: go into a saved Ulduar instance, teleport to The Spark of Imagination, buff up, and PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON.  (more…)

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The Druid Questions

I’m back!  European vacation successfully completed with a minimum of National Lampoon-like instances.  I even got to play healer IRL when my poor pally was struck down by a hotel-room-quarantine-inducing sinus infection (and I got a regular, non-quarantine-worthy head cold), which had me stuck in a tiny room in Ireland for four not-so-pleasant days of pushing water and meds on him, watching as many pay-per-view movies as possible, eating lots of soup and brown bread, and wishing I was a tree in reality so I could “Abolish Poison” and “Rejuv” him back to full health.

The one good thing about the forced hanging-out-in-hotel-room bit of our trip was that the hotel TV offered internet.  It was a fairly wonky version of internet, but I was able to read stuff, so I did manage to catch up a little on what was going on in the blogosphere.  And while I am incredibly, horribly late to the party, and half of the guests have already gone home or on to other parties, and all the good things to eat are gone, I’m coming in anyway at this late hour to talk briefly with the exhausted host, sip a mostly slushy margarita remnant and mop up the last of the salsa with a few crumbles of tortilla chips.  In other words, I am responding to Miss Medicina’s healer questionnaire (even though Tam kindly gave me a pass due to my lengthy holiday): (more…)

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Healing Meter Whispers

Psst!  You don't suck!

Psst! You don't suck!

“Your healing numbers are amazing!”

The whisper came from the holy priest in our 25-man who is normally burning up the charts.  To be honest, with the craziness of my pally and I playing reliably only two days a week and having rushed around like a night elf on speed just an hour earlier when I realized the raid was in fifteen minutes, and I needed fish feasts and flasks and…everything, I hadn’t even paid any attention to the healing meters at all.

I was just stopping to breath deeply and settle into healing Trial of the Crusader when the whisper arrived, pink and shiny, in my chat window.

At first, I was really flattered.

“Thanks,” I replied.  I combine a healthy diet of Rejuvenation and Wild Growth with the occasional helpful Swiftmend, just to keep me regular.  Thanks for noticing.

And, after we were done killing the boss we were working on, I checked Recount.  And there I was, topping the charts!  By a lot!  Hooray!

But after the mental huzzahs and self-congratulations came the self-doubt.

Rejuvenation and Wild Growth and I’m topping the charts?  Have I become a healing spam-bot??  Yes.

Am I actually a good healer if I’m a healing spam-bot?  My internal Taz shrugged.  Err…maybe?

I’ve read over and over how healing meters aren’t the be-all, end-all.  They’re deceptive, they don’t show the whole picture, you should mainly use them as a measuring stick against yourself – 3000 hps last week, 4000 hps this week, good job, you!

So what is Taz’s be-all, end-all, then?  How do I know if I’m doing a good job? (more…)

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Turns out Old Gods keep their cathedrals <i>inside</i>...

Turns out Old Gods keep their cathedrals inside...

Last night, my 10-man raid finally got to see Yogg-Saron.  In preparation, I read up on the encounter, but I found myself a bit overwhelmed by all the info out there.  And while I managed to retain the salient points, I think everyone will agree that the best way to learn Yogg-Saron is by doing the fight.

There are three phases to the fight, and each one has its own difficulties, so our Main Tank decided to explain each one as we got to it.  (In other words, first we’d master Phase One, then die on Phase Two, and then get Phase Two explained, etc, etc.) (more…)

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When overhealing gets too zealous...

When overhealing gets too zealous...

I have an overhealing problem, I freely admit it.  While I am often in the top three for hps and overall healing in Recount, I have also become somewhat of a superstar (in the bad way) on the overhealing charts.  This wasn’t always the case.  When I first started raiding I was dead center of both charts in our 25-man raid, and second (out of two) in both charts for our 10-man raid.  As I began refining my healing technique, reading more and more about resto-druiding overall, and getting gear better suited to the task at hand, I found myself steadily improving my hps output.  Hooray!

On the downside, I was also steadily increasing my overheals.  Boo! (more…)

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